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How To Overcome Loneliness When Living Alone

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The world is full of people. Each year, babies are born, and children grow old. Still, people alone, neglected or rejected by their family members and peers. Several individuals feel loneliness and isolation even when in the company of people they love. Excessive bouts or chronic loneliness is a side effect of loneliness and may lead to the development of other health conditions.

Living alone is an invitation to stay at home all the time which exacerbates bouts of loneliness. It can be your ticket to becoming anti-social or avoiding people at all costs. Thus, it best to get a house and lot for sale in Laguna in a lively neighborhood. Being part of a community allows you to reach out to people whenever you feel the cloud of loneliness descending on you. It’s important to note how you will overcome your feelings of isolation even when you are alone. Below are some ways to live alone without the melancholy of loneliness.

Commit to going out.


Grocery shopping, work, shouldn’t be the only reasons for you to venture outside. You feel too comfortable at home you forget the forgo the feeling of the cold breeze or the heat of the sunlight. Your indoors may be warm and cozy but, being inside most of the time isolates you from the social setting. Holing yourself on the couch and missing conversations with people leads to a sinking feeling. Hence, you must take a day off your home to do the outdoor activities you love. You can drop by your friend’s or parents’ house, sit on a park bench or explore parts of the neighbor unfamiliar to you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a plan as long as you push yourself to leave the house.

Get a pet as your best friend.


People with pets are happier and healthier than those without one. A 2012 study showed the bond between animals and people increase the body’s production of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a natural hormone for healing and raising your inclination to trust others. Thus, having a furry friend to run around your home can offset the downsides of feeling alone. Besides the hormone production, a pet at home will push you to become active. The running, playing and looking after them keeps you on your feet and raises your heartbeat. Your body will sweat even if you don’t want to.

Get some natural light.

Thick drapes and dark curtains will help you sleep but leaving them on won’t relieve your downtrodden feelings. Open your windows during the day to get sunlight. It is a natural mood booster as it balances your melatonin production for a better sleep cycle. It also inhibits the condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Most of all, it promotes bone health and regulation of vitamin D in The body.

Limit social media exposure.

Scrolling through your timeline to find other people doing stuff you won’t or can’t do is sure to place you further in a slump. Looking at their photos while you are still in your pajamas can intensify feelings of envy and isolation. Most people on social media only project what the best parts of their life. They may be feeling the same as you but would flaunt their latest escapades to escape the feeling. It’s best not to let the content on social media get the best of you.

Recall the good stuff.

Instead of dwelling on what’s pulling you down, you can turn to the activities you love and enjoy. Shopping, working on your passion projects, or going out to release your stress through intense exercise boosts the production of your happy hormones. These pursuits will shift your mood and way of thinking. At the same time, use your good memories to make your mind resilient to loneliness. Still, try to recognize your triggers. Journaling or visiting a therapist can help you identify what causes your negative feelings.

Sometimes, loneliness is a matter of perspective. Isolation isn’t about the absence other people. It can also be the lack of appreciation for yourself. Often, individuals forget they are social beings on their own. You can give yourself a pep talk like no one could and experience the greatness within yourself. Solo living may cause or exacerbate your loneliness as long as you allow it.

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