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What To Know When Buying Mobility Scooter For A Senior

by Jaleel Rowe
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Senior mobility scooters are very expensive so when buying, make sure you get the right one which fits to their needs, work and journey. Also, let it stay within a reasonable budget.

Things to Consider When Buying A Senior Mobility Scooter

There are so many conditions and things to consider when buying a senior mobility scooter. You have to look at the senior first, consult their therapist, evaluate their needs, see the type they can work with etc. at the same time, you have to be careful with the scooters. See which brand is good, compactable, accessible and also within your budget. It’s not a simple see and pick kind of a purchase and if you ask us, well make sure you research thoroughly because things like scooter can be bought only once in a lifetime unless of course you are filthy rich.

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Following are things you need to consider when buying a mobility scooter:

1. Condition

First, check their condition. See if the particular senior has a need for a scooter or would an electric chair do.

Next, check if the senior is able to operate the scooter or not. If their movement is completely restricted or cannot move at all then there is no need to buy a mobility scooter because it does require some movement.

2. Journey

Evaluate their journey levels. How much journey does a particular senior travel. Does it include travelling across the neighborhood? Or going to the nearest town? Do they require scooters to visit their fellow neighbors or to drive around in a vehicle somewhere etc. Make sure you pay attention to these points because if their movement is simply restricted to travelling around the house then a wheelchair would do nicely instead of a scooter.

3. Terrain

Check the street you live in or the senior lives in. what type of scooter would handle such a terrain or whether a scooter is an applicable choice etc.

4. Therapist

Consult with the senior’s therapist. Discuss it with them whether a scooter would be applicable or not. Whatever her/his answer is, will help you in your decision. Discuss all your worries and points and let them guide you.

What to Look for In A Mobility Scooter

When the patient’s needs are discussed fully then consider some points about the vehicle itself. For example:

  • What type of senior mobility scooters are there?
  • Do they come with a warranty?
  • Do all the extra parts fit in the price range?
  • Will a three wheeled scooter be good or a four wheeled one?
  • Can you transport your scooter or not?
  • Is the seat comfortable?
  • Is it easy to drive?
  • What are the basic things to remember when driving one?
  • Any pointers you should look out for.
  • How long will the scooters last?
  • Will it be covered in Medicare or other health insurance related programs or your pockets should be involved etc.

Hence these and any other questions which come to your mind regarding senior mobility scooters should be asked because you cannot make such a purchase over and over again so be very thorough.

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