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Top 7 Environment Facts That Show We Still Care For Our Dear Earth

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“Humanity is not dead” and with this slogan borne in our hearts, we continue to strive making earth a better place to live for you, me and our children.

Junk removal Miami FL services bring you top environmental facts that show we still care for our dear earth.

  1. The Ever-Increasing Reforestation Programs

Over the past couple of years, programs initiated to grow more trees has shown an extraordinary progress. Billions of trees are being planted every year worldwide; reinforcing communities and encouraging citizens to sustain, mend and restore forests.

Since the dawn of humanity, trees have provided us with numerous blessings, which we seemed to have taken for granted. Until now.

  1. Eco-Friendly Products Are Making Their Way to Market Stores

Green consumption and green packaging have been major break-through in sustaining a healthy environment. Junk removal NYC services understand that eco-friendly products are and better for the environment as it is not only made up of recycled waste but can be reduced and recycled time and time again. Eco-friendly products have proven to be biodegradable, versatile and flexible, easily disposed of, cheap and thus the best option available to rescue our dear earth.

  1. Wildlife Conservation

Species extinction has been a threat to global food chain disruption for quite some time now. However, as much as humans are responsible for it, they are doing everything it takes to fix it: Numerous NGOs are working tirelessly to protect the endangered species across the globe and free them from extreme cruelty.

  1. Improved Disposal System

The three R’s are making an extraordinary progress. The disposal mechanism has improved immensely over the course of time. Landfills are no longer a common sight in the developed countries and emission of harmful oxides are decreasing at a great rate.

  1. Renewable Energy Programs Meet Power Demand

  • Solar panels are supplying power to approximately one million homes, as of now, by generating almost 2000 megawatts of power.
  • In 2015, geothermal energy use escalated by 4 % and is continuing to increase worldwide.
  • According to the JRC study, the global wind energy capacity reached 430 GW in 2015.

Not only renewable energy sources are the most reliable form of power generating resources, but they are cheap, productive and eco-friendly at so many levels.

  1. Ocean Preservation Programs on the Rise

Oceans are home to hundreds and thousands of aquatic species. Every year, huge masses of junk is dumped into the ocean, thereby contaminating the environment and threatening the marine life. Fortunately, we can see clear beaches and patrolled ports, where dumping garbage is illegal. Prevention measures are taken at astonishing rates, and awareness and education are delivered to masses to take precaution while littering the aquatic environment.

  1. Toxic Gas Control

The continuous emission of greenhouse gases has caused our mother earth a lot of pain. She needs a cure as soon as possible, and gratefully we have realized this being a major issue and are striving to utilize energy that uses renewable sources instead of unrenewable. For example, wind and solar energy are eco-friendly, cheap and benefit at a massive magnitude, vehicles are being designed in a way that they don’t emit toxic gases and thus control the increasing global warming issue.

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