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What to Look for in Snowboarding Boots – Buying Guide

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Snowboarding boots are the most essential part of your skiing or snowboarding venture. Its importance is like an armor to a knight hence you have to be very thorough in selecting because a wrong choice can result in hours of pain, discomfort and eventually a hatred for snowboarding in general while the right ones can give you the best time on top of the mountain and make you feel like you’re flying!

You can also buy used snowboard gear but be careful in that as well.

Snowboarding Boots Buying Guide

Following are some of the things to keep in mind whether you buy used snowboard gear or new ones:

What Level Rider Are You?

Are you a beginner or a mediocre or a professional? The boots are divided into these three categories with a different type for each category hence do not lie or show off!

If you’re a beginner then you’ll be needing softer terrain boots while the increase in your level causes an increase in the stiffness of your shoes. Remember a beginner cannot master the stiff shoes anytime soon and vice versa so stick with your level type at all cost.

Remember Your Size

Remembering your size is important and getting the correct boots is important as well. Sometimes your normal shoe size varies when you buy snowboarding boots, don’t worry much about that because it’s perfectly normal. Snowboard boots have to be completed according to your foot style and thickness as well as sleekness so an up down in the size is a common occurrence.

The liner of the Snow Boots

The liner of the snow boots is made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and comprises of the inner boot of snowboard boots. It is made soft so as to provide cushioning, stability and insulation to the snowboarder’s feet. So, whether you buy used Burton snowboards gear or the brand new one, make sure your foot is comfortable as well as firm in its step.

Lacing of the Boots

The lacing part of these boots is highly important. Laces can help you hold your ground or fall right off your board injuring yourself in the process. There are three types of lacing:

  • Simple traditional lacing
  • Firm lacing
  • Boa lacing

Simple Traditional Lacing

The simple traditional one is the type you use commonly. On the snowboard though, tying and opening the laces can be a pain as well as hard on hands. So this one is usually ignored however majority still prefers it.

Firm Lacing

Firm lacing requires you to lace up your entire boot tightly. It is convenient in usage but can take a long time in tying and taking them off.


Boa is the newest type of lacing which comprises of a dial. All you have to do is spin the dial and let the boot mold to your feet in perfection.

Snowboarding socks

If you have perfected the above-mentioned traits, then the last one to be careful of is your snowboarding socks. Ordinary socks will freeze your feet and wet them up in an instant causing great pains to your feet and possibly enabling you to let go of riding the mountain. You must buy the merino soft woolen socks to prevent any of above from happening.

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