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The Effects of Arsenic on Health

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People are mostly unaware of their surroundings and the stuff they put in their bodies on a daily basis. With the increase in industrialization, there has been a rise in pollution and therefore contamination of everyday things. The air we breathe is increasingly harmful and the water we drink is mostly unfit for consumption. Most of this is due to the presence of arsenic in open areas and drinking water. This is a serious issue that requires more awareness in the general public.

Water containing arsenic compounds is considered unfit for human consumption and can cause adverse effects to health. An easy and safe way of removing arsenic compounds from drinking water is to get iron oxide filter systems.

While the source of the majority of arsenic poisoning is linked to its consumption through drinking water, it is not limited to this. Exposure to arsenic is dangerous not only in the form of consumable water but also through inhaling arsenic compounds over long periods of time. Here are some of the known hazards of arsenic consumption:

Cancerous Effects of Arsenic Compounds

Arsenic compounds in drinking water are linked with causing cancers of kidney, bladder, and intestines. Arsenic compounds in the air are determined as a major cause of lung cancer. They have also been linked to cases of skin cancer and skin pigmentation. The extent of this mostly depends on the period of exposure to the compounds however, it is undeniably one of the major causes of cancer and therefore creates an alarming situation.

Other Harmful Effects of Arsenic Compounds

Besides creating an alarming situation due to its cancer-causing properties, arsenic compounds have the capability of doing a lot more damage if consumed. They are known to be fatal in extreme cases causing gastrointestinal problems with severe vomiting, reduced blood circulation, impairment of the nervous system eventually leading to death.

Even if consumed in lesser quantity for a small period of time, they still cause adverse health effects such as reduce red blood cells in the system, brain damage and loss of sensation in limbs etc.

How to Remove Arsenic Compounds From Water

Having mentioned the above problems that come with the consumption of arsenic compounds, let’s see what possible ways there are to rectify this issue. The number one problem when dealing with this situation is that arsenic compounds can go undetected in water as they are tasteless and odorless. Since there is no possible way for you to be sure whether the water you drink is secretly causing you cancer, it is best to be safe and get the iron oxide filter systems or another kind of water filtration systems like best UV water filtration systems installed in your home. Remember, its best to be safe than to be sorry.

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