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How To Take Better Pictures From Your Smartphone

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Taking a great photo is an art which not everybody can master. Smartphone cameras are getting better and more advanced with the advent of new technology and there are apps to beautify your pictures even more.

Photography is now considered as a medium of communication on many social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. However, it isn’t necessary to have an expensive camera for taking good pictures because these days’ smartphones are doing a good job too. DSLR cameras are now losing their popularity because of the premium quality cameras present on the high-end smartphones with some best phone plans Australia offered by TeleChoice.

If you are willing to impress your friends with some breath-taking pictures, we have compiled some tips to help you do so:

  1. Use the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most important tricks used in photography and painting. To follow this rule, you have to imagine your picture divided into 9 slots where the important elements and objects in the picture are close to the lines or the intersections. Now that your shot is divided into horizontal and vertical lines, you can create a more balanced image. If you find difficulty imagining your pictures into nine segments, you can use any camera app as most of them are equipped with this feature now.

  1. Focus on One Subject

If there is only one interesting subject in your shot, it will be more beautiful. According to the professional photographs, the subject should occupy two-thirds of the total space in order to stand out more. Also, use the focus on your smartphone by tapping on it, so that the subject is given more importance in the shot. You can also use different apps to put filters and highlight the subject even more. Adjust the contrast and brightness too accordingly.

  1. Don’t Use Digital Zoom

Digital zoom function of your smartphone doesn’t work as efficiently as the optical zoom. The digital zoom in the smartphone camera just crops the photo and you think that it has zoomed the subject. The digital zoom function has improved in the advanced phones such as iPhone X, but most of the older cell phones are not up to the mark in regard to this feature. The best way to photograph a closer image of something is by going near to it. If you use the digital zoom feature, the picture will lose its quality.

  1. Use the Physical Shutter Button

Keeping your phone steady while taking a picture is a difficult task, especially if you have to tap in the middle of the screen to take a photo. This can also cause your phone to wobble just when you’re going to take the shot and this is why we recommend using the physical shutter button.

  1. Avoid Using Flash

Flash is considered a good thing for taking images in low-light conditions but people use it for capturing images even when there is enough light. If you’re taking a photo in bright light, using flash will only cause the picture to get more lit, especially the faces and the eyes.

So, you need a DSLR to capture the best images, just be sure to have a good smartphone camera. You can check out different best SIM only plans Australia for that.

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