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Some Tips That Will Help to Prevent Ransomware Attack

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The rising wave of the attack of ransomware may cost your business a lot. But, it’s tough to identify the actual figure. The real number of the victims is a bit higher than that has reported and paid a large amount to get rid of the issue. This issue could be more disastrous when it comes to independent radiologists.

Besides, it can affect your profession and practice when you don’t have a data backup. Also, you need to have protected health information PHI and IT specialist support when you need it.

In any case, it also may happen with your medical viewer API, so it’s very essential to know the way of its protection. That’s why below are some tips that will help you to prevent a ransomware attack.

Use Cloud-Based Backup for Image & Records

When your PC becomes infected by ransomware, you can do nothing with the anti-virus software. But, you’ll have to face a penalty of higher monetary payment with a deadline. If you don’t pay within the deadline, you’ll lose your whole data forever.

So, the best solution is to use the cloud-based backup to store your medical images and records. That means PACS for your medical records could be the optimum way to solve the issue specially when using DICOM cloud. You’ll be able to find the way to survive with your cloud storage on different devices if something goes wrong on your computer or other devices you use.

Use On-Site PACS with Current Backups

People show many reasons to avoid using could-based backup for their businesses. You should install the software as an application on a particular computer or device while using on-site PACS. This is a deadly thing if that device or computer gets infected by a ransomware virus.

That’s why if you have an onsite PACS setup, it’s essential to get back up of your data. You may get daily and also hourly backups depending on the volume of your data. Thus, you can store them in a dedicated server or the cloud it’s not connected directly to the internet. And your data is safe when it’s out of the internet.

You May Pay, But It’s Not An Ideal Solution

Yes, this is an unattractive and third option to go with. But, it’s not an ideal solution because you have the chance to face the same issue recurrently. Another issue is when you pay the demanded amount; there is no guarantee to get the release of the files.

In any case, if you choose this option, don’t forget the chance to lose your data forever. Besides, a new as well as disturbing one is third-party ransomware. In this issue, hackers other demands of ransomware and inject their bitcoin accounts to ransom message.

Bottom Line

As cybercriminals are getting stronger, the threat of the issue of ransomware is not solving very soon. But, you must keep your medical images and data at the safest place. You simply can follow the above-said first two ways to prevent eliminate this threat so far.

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