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14 Amazing Stats About Junk Around You That Will Shock You

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Waste production over the globe is enormous as everyone inhabiting the planet, especially we humans, are producing gigantic amounts of waste every day. Junk trash removal Austin services focused on recycling much of the dumped materials, but still, there are significant threats to the environmental destruction.

Here we listed a few amazing stats about junk that, for sure will shock you;

Global Waste Generation Stats

  1. Within six months, 99% of the stuff you own, will become a trash
  2. Globally, 21.2 billion tons of garbage is produced annually
  3. If you load trucks with all the waste that is generated yearly, they will go around the world 24 times

E-Waste Generation

  1. Electrical waste contributes a significant portion of global pollution as it is generated around 50m tons per year.
  2. If all the e-waste is stretched towards the moon, it will take three rounds from earth to the moon, and if double-decker buses are loaded with e-waste, there will be 4 million of these to carry all the waste away.

Food Waste Production Statistics

  1. When it comes to organic or the food wastage, 7.2 million tons of food (that is still edible) is thrown away as a garbage every year. On the other hand, 1 out of 7 people globally is starved to death due to insufficient food to survive.
  2. On average 20% and 40% of vegetables and fruit are rejected by supermarkets just because they don’t meet their cosmetic standards. Even before they hit the shelves of the market, they are discarded as a waste just because of lumpiness or weird shape.

Plastic Waste Generation

  1. Millions of plastic bottles are bought and dumped into waste per minute. Most of these end up in the ocean, and as per the estimates, by 2050, oceans will have more plastic bottles then fish.
  2. A single plastic bag usually takes 500 and 1,000 years to decompose in landfills completely, but even during decomposition, they release toxic substances in the environment.
  3. Every week, 500 million plastic bags are used and thrown away in the garbage mounting to thousands of tons of plastic and billions of packets on a daily basis.
  4. Even after the Christmas, 83 square kilometers of gist papers end up in the garbage, even though they can be reused or recycled.
  5. As far as the disposable nappies for babies are concerned, the number of nappies that are consumed by per child weighs the same as that of a family car. Why can’t these be replaced with disposable or cloth nappies?

Wastewater Generation

  1. A single leaky tap accounts for easting 5000 liters of water per year that could supply 120,000 people around the world with a day’s worth of water.
  2. The leading green companies are working efficiently for junk removal Austin. The idea of zero waste production and recycling trends are innovative. It not only encourages the idea of redesigning so that all products for reuse but also accounts for the generation of lesser wastes on individual levels.

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