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Why Choose Foldable Electric Wheelchair Over Others?

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The trend of using foldable electric wheelchairs is growing more and more popular all across the globe. They are easier to use and have unlimited benefits.

Read the following article to make yourself aware about the importance of foldable electric wheelchairs.

1. More Comfort

Foldable electric wheelchairs are an epitome of comfort. These wheelchairs are powered by batteries and work with one touch of control.

If a person is disabled or injured, he cannot extensively move his body. For this purpose, it is recommended to give relaxation to this person.

Sit on the wheelchair – chill and control it with controls.

2. Being Independent

Manual wheelchairs are often made to work with the help of relatives and close friends. With our injury in progress, we often neglect that the other person too, is suffering because of us.

Foldable electric wheelchairs make you independent. You will not depend upon the mechanical thrust of other people to help you move from one place to another.

3. Run on Batteries

Electric mobility wheelchairs are run by electricity. Electrical energy is stored in the form of batteries. Charge them for a time and viola – you can move them with the help of controls.

An injured person needs recovery time in which he shouldn’t use too much of his body movements. The problem with mechanical wheelchairs is that body movement is constantly being practiced which is doing damage to the recovery.

Talk about electric wheelchairs, thanks to ease of movement, there is less frustration and lesser transport problems. All of this helps make recovery faster.

4. Preferred for Long Distance Travel:

If you travel via mechanical wheelchairs, after a while you will feel that your journey is getting tiresome. Constantly moving the handles, wheels and pedals you feel tired and bored. The travelling journey starts to feel like a burden instead of an enjoyable ride. As compared to mechanical wheelchairs, these portable electric wheelchairs are preferred for long distance travelling.

Controlled by sensors and moved by controllers, you enjoy your ride.

5. Ease of Movement

You can use foldable electric wheelchairs on all types of roads. It doesn’t matter whether the road is rough or smooth – what matters is their smooth transition between different terrains and their level of comfort while driving.

6. Put Them Anywhere

Being ‘folding’ in nature, you can place foldable electric wheelchairs anywhere. They will take less space as compared to manual wheelchairs and so they are highly preferred by people who do a lot of travelling.

You can place the electric wheelchair in SUVs, garages and car trunks.

7. Special Functionalities

There are certain wheelchairs which have special functionalities. They can tilt, rotate, lean or increase their sitting area – helping a person to apply appropriate pressure to concussions so that they can heal faster.

The tilt system is popular in a sense that it redistributes the lower body pressure to posterior trunk and head of the body.

In the same way, recline system opens new way for leg rest, elongating the knee angle. Both tilt and recline system functionalities must be used according to advice from experts.

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