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What an Air Intake Filter Does for Your Car

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Do you know the easiest way to make your car have more power and attain better efficiency? Just feed the engine more air, the colder the better. If you keep the air and fuel at their optimum level, then you will see an increase in sustained performance. Making sure a good flow of air goes into your engine compartment also ensures better fuel economy. 

And if you add a high-performance filter in the mix then you will see wondrous performances. So what happens to the car? Well, adding a good air intake filter means that your car’s engine is fed cleaner and colder denser air. This means that the air is much more oxygen rich and the fuel burns better. So when fuel burns better more energy is created which means a better fuel economy as well as great performance output. 

In a high-quality air intake filters, specialized materials are used. This gives the mod amazing airflow while also filtering out all the dust, debris, and other components. There is something else that comes with using great quality air intake filters or systems. That is the growl of your engine becomes clearer and more distinct. Trust me people will look for your car when they hear it accelerating on the road.

The market has a variety of air intake kits. Each company does something different from the competition. This makes it a hard choice to know what you want. Along with performance upgrades, these components come in different colors. This provides an aesthetic improvement to your engine bay. Also, installing them is a breeze. Unlike most mods that provide performance upgrades, these are very simple to install.

With all the different designs and varieties in these simple products, it is no surprise that the filter has been tweaked a lot. There are many different types of air filters used in the industry. Form simple filter paper to cotton gauge and others. Using cotton gauge is a relatively new idea and it delivers a lot on the promise of clean air. Having cotton in between mesh plates dramatically increase the clean air flow into the compartment. 

This is why you have to make sure you research the part before going into buying it. Stock filter paper can do the trick but it really isn’t that good of a solution. These filter papers usually get blocked and don’t do that good of a job in filtering. If the filter is easily blocked and restricts airflow then it defeats its purpose, doesn’t it? A decrease in efficiency and performance may occur due to this. Also, the fact that if you need to change the air intake filter regularly it is a costly venture as well as a waste of your valuable time.

You can find amazing filters on the market nowadays with warranties that will outlast your vehicle. You can choose a dry filter or oil filter. Both of these are easily cleanable and they fit right into your factory air box. Whenever the air intake filter/system gets dirty you just take them out and clean it and re-oil the part if it is an oil filter. All you need to do is just get a filter care service kit and you are set. 

So this is what the air intake filter does in your car. You should do some research and find which one is the best for your car. Your car’s longevity and performance depend on the type of air filter intake you buy so buy responsibly.

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