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Ford Truck Accessories: What You Need as Must Have

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Nobody is going to assume any less of you when you drive about an old beat-up Chevy. It’s because this is just a Chevy. However, when you’re driving a Ford, the bar has set much higher.

When you’ve signed the deed to your home and what little remains of the 401(k), the supplier will be more than willing to give you add-on packages. There is a lot easier and more cost-effective way.

And all at once or piece by piece has to update your Ford truck. Like a custom made car floor mats, here is a rundown of the most common add-ons included in dealer bundles to get you started.

Ford Rubber Mats

Just like the leather car floor mats, Ford rubber mats have computer-designed for your particular make, model, and year. Also, they have made from an all-season, rubberized thermo-plastic.

This guarantees a fit of accuracy and allows full visibility without covering up those controls of the field. To complement every interior, Ford rubber mats often come in many colors. And they’re a snap to take out and hose off when soiled.

Ford Fender Flares

To block dirt, sticks, and other destructive debris from flying back and marring your finish, Ford fender flares expand the width of your current fenders. Crafted from car-grade ABS, they’re robust enough for all-weather driving and are paint-ready to complement any existing finish.

Ford Bull Bars

If you’re going off-road or down the interstate, gravel has its own mind. The middle portion of the front end is covered by 3 “steel tubing with a Ford bull chain.

Most also sport sturdy 1-piece construction and come with pre-drilled holes for mounting off-road lamps, and custom-wrought. Also, they come with sealed against the elements with a rugged powder coating or polished finish.

Ford Grille Guards

Give protection from flying objects with a Ford grille guard (and even large stationary ones). Smashing through even the hardest grilles doesn’t take much force, mainly when it’s the front end vs. the boulder.

Most Ford grille guards, forged from heavy-duty steel tubing, have a simple, no-drill assembly that bolts directly onto the frame. You can mount them in the comfort of your own driveway.

Ford Mud Flaps

Ford mud flaps are the first and often the only line of protection against the destructive wear and tear caused on every street in America by mud, road sludge, and other toxic chemicals.

To produce a toxic soup of additives, fog, snow, and other liquids combine with environmental toxins that can erode the finish when splashed up by the tires and leave it looking dark and worn. The contaminants are deflected by a collection of Ford mud flaps and leave your finish looking pristine.

Ford Running Boards

Ford running boards are as convenient as an inexpensive way for your rig to add elegance and comfort. Like the sports kit sold by your dealer, they install on the pre-drilled mounting positions already in your car just at a fraction of the price.

Ford running boards are made of heavy-duty ABS or a combination of ABS and aluminum, offering a robust, all-weather move that holds up to 500 lbs.

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