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What Is the Difference Between Crankshaft and Camshaft Sensor?

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Many people are confused when it comes to camshaft and crankshaft sensors. We have created this guide for the users to help them know the difference between the two.

Camshaft Sensor

This shaft is responsible for providing power to the engine. It rotates along with the crankshaft and both are connected with the timing belt. In camshaft sensor, the rotation is sent to the computer which reads it and keeps the engine working. When the sensor fails, the engine may not work, not start and the vehicles start having jerks. 

Bad Camshaft Sensor

The camshaft sensor has issues. But the car owners are unable to find what the real issue is and then fix it. We have listed below some signs which will help you know when the camshaft sensor has failed.

  1. Ignition problem is one of the most common ones which occurs when the camshaft sensor is not doing its job well.
  2. If you see the car jerking while you are driving, it due to the bad camshaft sensor as well.
  3. Some people also face the poor acceleration problem. This is another indicator to help you know the issue and it’s time to compare camshaft sensor cost from different dealers.
  4. The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is also disturbed. In other words, the mileage reduces when the camshaft sensor has failed.

Crankshaft Sensor

It is a shaft on which all parts of the engine are placed and it converts linear energy into rotational energy. The crankshaft sensor keeps track of the rotations in order to keep the data. The engine takes data from both the shafts to ensure the engine is working fine and does not have any issues. 

Bad Crankshaft Sensor 

There are a number of signs which helps us identify when the crankshaft sensor has failed and should be replaced. Some of these signs are given below.

  1. One of the important signs of a failing crankshaft sensor is the CHECK ENGINE light. It turns on due to various reasons but a failed crankshaft sensor is one of the reasons why this light turns on. The car owners should check the issue.
  2. Here comes another signs when the crankshaft sensor fails. It creates a heavy vibration in the engine. As the sensor cannot count it, this causes serious vibration of the engine.
  3. Slow response from the accelerator is another sign which helps us find out if the crankshaft sensor has failed. It is a common sign which helps car owners identify the issue and fix it.
  4. Erratic starting of the car is reported to be another indicator of a bad crankshaft sensor. It happens when the sensor has gone or failed to perform its job.
  5. Stalling and backfiring also show the crankshaft sensor has some issues. In this problem, the engine starts but turns off after some time.


Camshaft and crankshaft sensors are important parts of the car engine. They are connected with a timing belt and good performance of one is necessary for the performance of the other. To buy, you can checkout crankshaft and camshaft sensor cost online.

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