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Do I need a Wrist Brace for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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Are you feeling pain, numbness in your fingers on a regular basis? If yes, then you might be suffering from Carpel tunnel syndrome. It is one of the most common problems that impact the overall working of an individual as it reduces the movement of one’s fingers. The problem can make your daily life a miserable one.

As per experts it happens when there is pressure on your median nerve which results in numb feeling in your thumb as well as in your fingers. If there is swelling in your wrist, it means the nerve has been squeezed too. Although if the problem is too severe then you might need surgery, else a carpal tunnel brace can help in curing the problem in its early stage.

Call your doctor

It is always recommended that you call your doctor whenever you feel pain and pressure in your wrist. Knowing the syndrome in its early stage and doctor can offer solutions which will stop is progressing. If you are suffering from these symptoms on regular, then you should call your doctor immediately.

•    If you drop things than usual because of no proper gripping.

•    If you are feeling weakness in your hand.

•    If you are feeling numbness, pain, and tingling in your thumb and fingers and the pain.

As well as if symptoms become worse after you fall asleep

Then you should fix an appointment with your doctor. In such a case your doctor may recommend you a brace that will help you in keeping your carpel nerve straight. Usually, when one sleep, he/she tends to bend his/her wrist that cause pressure in the median nerve and the problem becomes more and more severe. Therefore, to control the problem at its initial stage, a doctor generally recommends carpal tunnel bracesto patients.

How do I put on a wrist brace?

There is good news that wrist braces are one of the easiest things. All you have to do is just to loosen the straps, slide it over your hand and put on your wrist. After sliding it over your wrist and hand, pull on the straps to offer support to your wrist. At last, the ultimate goal of the brace is to provide support to your wrist.

Some models of the tunnel braces offer a little modifications as well. You can buy as per your needs and requirements by consulting your doctor.

How tight a wrist brace should be?

A wrist brace is needed only for the support. Don’t let it suffocate or harm your hands in any way. You can test the adjustments of the braces that can stop the movement of your hand but not to the point that makes you feel pain. There is no clear-cut rule that will let you know how tight a wrist brace should be. You have to get the answer by yourself, by testing it on various adjustments and select the one where you feel comfortable while giving support to your wrist. If your wrist brace is well fitted, then you can perform all your little daily tasks. If you keep it too tight then it will affect your health, will irritate your skin, you will feel the sweat, as well as your hands will feel suffocating. It may also block the blood flow, if it is too tight.

How can a carpel tunnel wrist brace is helpful?

Most of the people tend to bend their wrist when they sleep. This put pressure on the wrist median nerve, therefore, the condition of the syndrome becomes more severe. A wrist brace is helpful in keeping your wrist neutral and straight. According to a study, a guard is the best way for the treatment of the syndrome.

You can wear the guard at day time to support your wrist while doing your daily activities. You should wear it in activities that require the movement of your wrist and that trigger flare-up. If you can wear it at your job, then it’s great because it will guard your wrist against movements. After you take the guard off, try to keep your wrist movement slow and simple to loosen up the muscles of your wrist. Just try to avoid much stress. Wear it according to your comfort to maximize the results. This is how a wrist brace is helpful for you in treating such syndromes.

Consult your medical professional before opting any solution

It is recommended you consult your medical professional to get the best advice that will work for you. Sometimes if the problem is really very severe then you might need to undergo through a surgery. Your doctor will discover the severity of your problem and they will tell you the right solution as per your problem. 

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