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Why/When/How The Questions You Need Answered About Changing Headlights

by Jaleel Rowe
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We often times forget about the headlights of our car. We only think about them when its actually gone or is damaged. Even though it should be one of our very first priority. Here we will discuss the why, when and how of changing a headlight bulb. If you have owned a car for some time, then you already know how to change headlight bulbs for your car. The purpose of here is to know why to replace them. When to replace them and how to find the right fit.

Why You Should Replace Your Car’s Headlights

Well if you have dimmed headlights or burned out headlights or even headlights that flicker then it means your headlights provide low visibility. This means that you can’t see the road properly as well as other drivers will have problems noticing you. This is a serious issue. This can turn into something fatal and can even become a costly issue when you get handed an expensive ticket from the local authorities.

Nowadays with the technological advancements, there are much better options for headlights as well. So why not upgrade the headlights anyway? You have LED lights and Xenon lights which provide 25 to 30 percent more visibility than your average halogen headlights. This should be enough reason for you to consider changing the headlights that provide inadequate and uneven lighting.

When to Replace Your Car’s Headlights

If you have a headlight bulb that’s fading or is gone then the other one is also on its way to die. This is a good rule of thumb to know when to replace your headlight bulbs. So it’s good practice to change both bulbs together. If you own an older model, then you have two lights in one headlight slot. One provides high beams and the other low beams. 

However, newer models have one bulb that gives high and low beam output. You should change the bulbs depending on which model your car is. Changing all the four or two headlights bulbs together will ensure you get even lighting and fantastic light intensity. Consistent field of vision down-road is imperative for you. So my advice is to replace all of them together. You should check your owner’s manual to see which lights are specific to your car’s needs before doing anything.

How Do You Know What Headlight Bulbs Are Right for Your Car?

When finding the right headlight bulbs, you can check your owner’s manual. It usually specifies what the car is compatible with. If you can’t find a solution, there ask an expert about your car or someone who has experience in this sector. You can research on the internet to find your answers as well. 

There are three main things that I consider when getting new headlight bulbs for my car. First would be brightness, the second thing to consider would be the color of temperature and the price. Most cars come with halogen bulbs but latest models are fitted with LED or Xenon lights for better visibility.

If your car has halogen bulbs, then you might want to upgrade to LED or Xenon as they are better lights overall. There are conversion kits you can find on online stores that you can use to replace your car’s headlights. The bulbs might be a bit costlier than your old ones but trust me they are worth it. Just make sure you read the owner’s manual to see which bulbs are compatible with your car.

Extra Tips

These are the things that you should know before going in to replace the headlight bulbs of your car. Make sure you look into the matter diligently. Always remember most answers you can find on your owner’s manual. If you are confused about something, then ask your mechanic. Also, do regular headlight maintenance. There are DIY headlight cleaners that you can easily access to ensure a fully functioning headlight.

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