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How to check if a website is SEO friendly or not?

by Jaleel Rowe
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You might have heard of many SEO friendly websites and URLs, but do you know how you can check if a website or a URL is optimized or not.

Let’s start with, what does an SEO friendly website or URL mean? And how can you make a website SEO friendly? You can run your website through several tests that will make sure that you have SEO friendly website. There are various free and paid tools available online to do that.  

What is an SEO friendly website?

In the most basic terms, if a website is SEO friendly, then Google can crawl it with ease. The search engine will crawl websites according to the keywords entered by the user and then efficiently index these websites according to that.

Characteristics that an SEO friendly website have:

  • Higher online Visibility or internet presence
  • Includes completely optimized websites
  • It should have meaningful and attractive web structure.
  • The website should contain unique and optimized content.
  • There should be unique titles and meta description for all the web pages.
  • And a lot more

Ways to check the SEO of your website!!!

Check for SEO friendly URL structure

A well-structured website URL should include keywords; therefore, a user can easily reach to your website.

•    There should not be duplicate content on the website with no confusing URLs.

•    Refrain URLs from any kind of punctuation

•    Make sure all hidden URLs of your website can be indexed by the search engine crawlers so it will index on the top of the result page.

Tips to have SEO friendly URL

•    Choose a catchy and short domain name for your website. Your SEO URL should reflect the kind of business products and services you offer. However, the character limit for URL is 2048 but it is recommended you keep it as short as possible.

•    Using keyword is an ideal option but it is recommended you use keywords that look natural.

Check for the category name

If have the right category name on your articles and web pages, then it will directly impact the ranking of your website. Giving a category name to your articles will be helpful for you to get indexed higher on the search engine result page.

Check your website for user’s experience

Offering a great user experience to your users will reduce the bounce rate of your website. Have a clear website structure with clear instructions. Having a great website structure will enable you to leave a great impact on the website.

“Offering great user experience results in higher traffic to your website”.

How to offer great user experience to your customers?

•    Create a simple background design of your websites.

•   Provide easy navigation of the website to your users. The navigation bar should be descriptive as well as clear.

•    Create a user-friendly signup page where you should only focus on the essential information of the person that is needed.

Check for the permalink structure of the website

Permalinks play a crucial role when it comes to making a website that is SEO friendly. Permalinks are the URLs for your website. Using this link, you can show your website content on social media so more and more people can attract towards your website. Not just you even the other bloggers can also share your website content on social media.

But the default permalinks are not SEO friendly. To make them SEO friendly, you have to change the default setting at the WordPress dashboard.

Check for mobile-friendly feature

As you know, these days, the number of mobile users has become increased at a higher rate. Not just that having a mobile-friendly website can directly impact the Google ranking of your website. According to a survey, there were 2 billion mobile users are there in 2019 and till 2022 the count will become 5 billion. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website has become a necessity for all website owners.

Google has announced that a mobile-friendly website can also index higher on the result page. So, to make your website optimized it should be mobile-friendly.

Now, you know the kind of tests you need to run on your website in order to check whether the website is SEO friendly or not. Here are a few tools which will help you to analyse and monitor the SEO performance of your website:

  1. Moz
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Semrush
  4. Seo Site Checkup
  5. Seoptimer
  6. Woorank
  7. Websiteseochecker
  8. Small Seo Tools

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