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How To Choose From Which Emotional Item To Remove And Which To Keep?

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Everything we own is a time machine. People like to revisit the past because they think it was a better time, but if you focus on what’s behind you, you can’t create new memories, which could leave you quite melancholy. You can easily get rid of emotional items; junk removal professionals can also help you in this regard.

Here’s how to make emotional decluttering a little easier. We will also help you in choosing which item you should remove and which to keep.

1. Start with The Bathroom

If you have decided to remove some junk and emotional items, start with the bathroom. The stuff crowding your bath probably doesn’t have much emotional value. It makes clearing the sentimental stuff easier.

2. You Can Ditch the Items Without Ditching the Memories

Many people hold onto stuff left to them by family members, even if they don’t have room or want it. Ask yourself first, would your relatives want this stuff to weight you down? Yes, if you are not using it anymore, it’s just a clutter for you. It’s a fact that you can still love your family without keeping the stuff.

3. Everything You Own Should Make You Feel Good

If certain things are making you happy, then you should keep them. For instance, if you have your mother’s diary and you are seeing it every time when you get depressed or angry then for sure, you should keep it.

4. Recognize What’s Really Meaningful

You may think you treasure that birthday card from your sister but consider it again. Is it a handmade creation with a heartfelt note or is it a generic card? If it is something unique, you should keep it otherwise, it is just a junk or stuff for you. You can also get the help of junk removal service Staten Island.

Also, think about an entire roll of photos. Most of them are blurry or you hate how you look in them, so you shouldn’t feel bad about tossing them. You should only keep the ones that contribute to the memory.

Use the same tactics when paring down baby clothes or your kid’s toys. They also have no worth once your baby gets old.

5. Don’t Let Gifts Become Burdens

When evaluating an item, ask yourself. Am I sentimental about it? Chances are it’s not the object itself, but its association with a person, place or time. If you truly love the object, keep it, it’s not a clutter.

6. Digitize Your Memories

Thanks to the digital era, you can now save all your memories in a drive, drop-box or social media. So, there will be no need to keep manual photographs which gets blur with time.


People generally struggle to part with certain things that they no longer use or enjoy. But you should think practically rather than emotionally if you really want to make your life junk free. Junk removal service Staten Island is working for this purpose. You can search online if you need any help.

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