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Know What Can You Eat On A Candida Diet

by Jaleel Rowe
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If you are faced with the dilemma posed by the question of what to eat on a candida diet, you might find it comforting to know that most of the recommended food items on candida diets are really delicious ones!

Previously, we recommended foods like vegetables, fruits, and many suggested protein-rich items. In this article, we shall expand that list to include more food items so you have more choice in your candida diet. Just know that consuming more of those will not help with your infection; they just need to be the major portion of your diet.

  1. Condiments and Herbs

Most of the times, food items are heavily dependent on the spices used to enhance the flavor. As an individual who has candida issues, it is not a wise idea to go for the regular soy sauce vinegar because they draw in the affection of the infected bacteria inside you.

A good alternative to these is the inclusion of lemon and lime juice, alongside apple cider vinegar in your diets. Use them in the salads you make using your non-starchy green veggies for delicious, crunchy daytime snacks.

  1. Fiber

What can you eat on a candida diet when carbs are all excluded and you have no staples left? Fiber-rich grains are your best options as alternates because recipes which demand rice or wheat can have them used as substitutes.

You can also ask for the common flour in your house to be packed with fiber. Wheat with fiber can help you make quite delicious crispy snacks, and you can do the same with cornstarch. You can say that a candida diet might be the best time to let out your experimental self.

  1. Dairy Items

Fresh dairy items are sworn enemies of candida because the live good bacteria which they release in the body start crowding over them. Yogurt, in particular, is quite excellent for these infections because it can help you create delicious meals and clean up your insides.

Probiotic kefir is also excellent when it comes to serving the body with compatible food. The trouble is when you replace these fresh servings with processed ones because then the body takes in minimal good bacteria and the candida colonies remain intact.

  1. Herbal Drinks

The more you avoid sugary drinks on candida diets the better because the sugar inside your body is what the infection bases itself on. This does mean that carbonated drinks and beers should be off your minds and shelves for a while.

Hot beverages like tea are great substitutes in case you want a good drink at the end of each day. What can you eat on a candida diet can be further complemented by a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile tea?

For more suggestions on “what can you eat on a candida diet”, it is a great idea to always opt for healthy oils such as olive oils for cooking items. Also, nuts and seeds such as almonds and sunflower are also quite excellent for direct consumption on candida diets.

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