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Top 5 Tips – How to Remove Old Carpets without Facing much Hassle

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Carpet removal may seem a simple task but it is easier said than done. Many people ask their friends for help but the task still remains an uphill battle. Some people hire the services of a junk removal Brooklyn NY company. However, you can do it by yourself if you know the trick. There are several nooks and crannies that you should explore before performing the task. A full battalion cannot help you of you guys don’t know how to do it.

Here are a few tips for carpet removal.

1) Plan Beforehand

You have to get fully prepared for this seemingly simple job. Chalk out a plan that touches on all the nitty gritty including the removal, disposal, and cutting of the carpeting and padding. Also, place a trash container or a truck (depending upon the size) to take the carpet away. Also, find a clean working space and remove all the furniture and everything that can disrupt your work. Also, make a dust mask ready so that you don’t inhale dust while working. Don’t forget to put on the gloves during the entire process.

2) Do Preliminary Research

Doing a preliminary research would save you a lot of time and hassle. Gather information regarding how much you can save out of doing the tear-out and also ask for suggestions concerning unusual situations that could occur in your home. Your installer will be the best source for all this research. Also ask him what can be done with your old carpet.

3) Gather Equipment and Start

It may seem obvious that you would gather the paraphernalia of the process but it is not that simple. When you start removing the carpet you start to remember one thing or another that you do not have at your disposal. After gathering the equipment, start from the carpet edges along all of the walls.

4) Leave the Tack Strip

Leave the tack strip where it is. However, if the strip has rotten sections (remove those areas only if they are few), rusted or delaminated. If it is damaged especially due to rusting, it can leave stains on the new carpet’s surface. Also, remove the strip if it is less than ¼ inches from the baseboard as the installer requires that much gap for installation of the new carpet. However, if the task is too intimidating for you, just hire the services of a junk removal Brooklyn NY company.

5) Win Help

You can also seek help from someone to do this task and shun the tension away. But many people would not be willing to do the task except for the junk removal Brooklyn NY companies. These companies can take a toll on your wallet and yet the services are not assured. In this case you need to find a friend who is glad to help. That friend is none other than Jiffy Junk which offers you the services at reasonable rates. Not only this, but it also provides amazing service and ensures your satisfaction.

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