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Renting Apartment With Pets? Ask These 6 Questions

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Majority of Americans have pet animals. In fact, more people in the United States have a pet animal than a child. So the stats are pretty high. Looking for a rental apartment for pet owners can be a gruesome task. If you think that having a pet makes you no different than other renters, then you must re-think. Well, having a pet makes you all the more different from the standard renters because there are just so many more things you need to consider prior to renting an apartment with pets.

  1. Are pets allowed?

If you need to find apartment rentals as a pet owner, you will clearly find out that not all apartments allow you to keep pets. So the owner of the apartment must allow you to bring in pets to their vicinity. Certain apartments are for rent only for tenants who do not have pets. If you have pets, you are most likely not eligible to even apply for the house to rent it.

  1. How many pets are allowed?

If in case the owner does allow you to keep pets, you will have to ask the owner about how many pets will you be able to keep in the apartment. It is important to remember that rental apartments come with a pet restriction and there will be a specific number of pets that you can keep. The number of pets will be mentioned in the contract.

  1. What can be the maximum weight of pets?

Certain vendors are also very particular about the weight of the pets that one can have in the apartment. In most cases, pets weighing from 40 to 60 pounds in body weight are allowed on the property. Pets larger or heavier than these are most likely to cause serious damage to the property.

  1. Do you have to pay additionally for the pet?

Some rental vendors might ask you to pay additionally for the pet. So in addition to the rent of the apartment, you will also have to pay for the pet animals to stay in the apartment. This is just an additional expense that you would have to pay if only you are willing to pay it.

  1. Is the apartment pet-friendly?

You also need to make sure that the apartment is pet-friendly or not. Some apartments are not designed to accommodate pets. These can be places that are mostly made of glass, marble or finer materials. To ensure that your apartment is pet-friendly, you first need to check everything within the place to make sure it is suitable to keep pets in.

  1. Are there pet care facilities nearby?

Pets need just as much care as little children and there can be emergencies too. You need to make sure that there is a pet care facility available in the nearby area of the apartment so that you can get untimely healthcare assistance for your little friend.

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