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Tips to Get the Best PACS for Your New Modality

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If you’re a modality worker, you know that you have some other shopping remaining to make. In that case, the most possible one is a paid or a free PACS viewer and storage. You’ll find several types of implementations are available while choosing a PACS solution.

So, you should select the one that has made based on your needs and the workflow of your practice. Usually, you’ll get three major types of PACS that you have to choose from. Now, let’s know which one is the right fit for your needs.

Things to Know as A New Buyer

You’ll get nothing new if you already have bought a modality. But, things matter if you’re a new buyer and buying modality for the first time. As a new buyer, you have to know some things about this issue. The first one is you should not be confused PACS with EMR because you can integrate EMR with a PACS.

But, it’s not able to work itself what a PACS does. Now the question is that what the functions that a PACS performs. Great question, you’re unable to view, store, and manage medical images of your patients without a PACS. It means that you’re completely out of access, sharing, and mobility.

As a result, it must get a PACS for every modality owner without having other ways. Now, let’s know about three different types of PACS that you should choose from to integrate with your system.

Local PACS


When it comes to the local PACS, it’s an onsite solution. This PACS is not just out of the Cloud, it also doesn’t come with unlimited storage. Indeed, if you choose this solution, you’ll have to use an external hard disk drive where you’ll save your data and that one is your backup for your data as well. With this type of PACS, you need to remain up-to-date with your equipment to fulfill your requirements.

Hybrid PACS

A lot of reasons right there to choose a Hybrid solution for PACS. The largest one is that you need reliable storage for long term use. Also, there are some other amazing features that you’ll get from a Cloud solution.

But, you’ll find your bandwidth is not able to balance to support the system. However, your service provider or vendor will set what’s up for your practice accordingly to your personal needs and the speed of your internet.

Cloud PACS


Like all other integrations of Cloud i.e. DICOM viewer Linux that you know about, this PACS is similar to all the ways. You’ll get storage of unlimited space while choosing this solution. Also, it’ll enable you to access, share, and go mobile option with the patients’ images.

So, you’re able to use your essential images or data from anywhere and anytime if you have a high-speed internet connection. This is why most of the physicians are using this solution as it’s affordable and extremely flexible.

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