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7 Things to Throw Away This Summer

by Mark
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Do you have those days in your life where you are all happy to buy a lot of stuff at a good value let it be clothes, shoes, gadgets, home décor or even food items – 50% or 70% off deals are the best I know, we all love them! – But when you get back home and the time comes to empty those shopping bags, you have no idea where to fit the mountains of extra stuff you just bought. All cupboards, all drawers, all cabinets, literally every storage place possible is overflowing with stuff.

That’s when you realize you need to get rid of a lot of stuff that’s probably of no use and is just stored for no reason. But then what to discard? And where to start from is a difficult thing to decide. Don’t panic and read this to know which things to throw.

1. Old Paid Bills and Receipts

Just don’t panic and open your side table drawer in your room, found a lot of paid bills and receipts?  Now tell me are they of any use? Did you save the bills for tax payments? Then, my dear friend why not sign up for electronic bills and save storage as well as the environment? Remember paper comes from trees!

2. Expired Medicines

Now go to your medicine cabinet or drawer and check the expiry dates of your medicines, I am pretty sure you found a lot of expired medicines and gels. Now tell me do you want an adverse reaction from the use of a drug that’s supposed to cure your suffering? I am sure no! So, why not throw them in the wastebasket? After all, that’s where they are supposed to be!

3. Damaged Plastic Containers

Now let’s explore your plastic container collection and spot the ones that are broken or are without lids. Be honest, you did find a few damaged ones right? Dumping them and saving storage is always a good option. As they can be recycled the best to do with all this stuff is to search a junk hauling Seattle WA service and hand these to them.

4. Old Wedding Invitations, Coupons and Magazines

Next stop is the place where you keep those wedding invites, magazines, and coupons. Go through this pile and separate the unimportant ones and old invites. Getting rid of this extra pile of card sheets and making space for upcoming ones is the wisest choice I believe. Right? Because obviously, we can’t attend Steve and Bella’s wedding that took place last summer again or use that’ buy one get one free’ coupon that expired about 6 months ago). Again, using a junk hauling Florida service is a good idea.

5. Expired Makeup Items

Love stocking makeup? Cool! Your makeup storage is the next area to explore. Did you notice you have a lot of expired makeup? That might cause your skin to react, so disposing of it is the best possible thing to do.

6. Unnecessary Plastic Cutlery

Love ordering food? Then a drawer full of plastic cutlery from takeout and deliveries is compulsory. Do you really want to save up those plastic knives that are simply useless? They can’t even cut a boiled potato properly, let alone other things. Why stock them up then? How about gifting them to Mr. Dustbin?

7. Old Course Books

Are you one of those people who hated to read the course books? And are there any chances that you will ever use those piles and piles of course books that are lying on your bookshelf, hidden under the beds of dust? If No, then why not save the hassle of regular cleaning of them and simply donate them?

Again, it’s better to use a junk hauling Seattle WA service to dispose of all these things responsibly.

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