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How to Train Employees to Avoid Healthcare Security Breach?

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How to improve security awareness for healthcare workers? Let’s know!

1. Educate the Employees

Training employees for avoiding security breaches is an important thing. Every hospital should start such sessions and technical training. Purpose should be to educate the staff and increase their knowledge and exposure to any cyber-attacks. They should be given safe practices for using medical imaging tools like DICOM viewer online.

2. Train the Staff

Along with educating the staff, they need to be given demos. Staff should be trained on how to respond to any eventuality, what steps to take first, how to avoid security breaches, what measures to take to prevent it and how they can handle such situations when they have no one to help.

3. Conduct Risk Assessment

Every hospital should perform risk assessment tests and checks. It will help them find out the vulnerable spots where they can be attacked. Outsourcing an expert will be a wise option. The experts will help you strengthen the security as well as impart guidance to the staff on cybersecurity.

4. Practice Safe Browsing


The staff at hospital should be encouraged to practice safe use of the internet when using it for different purposes including DICOM viewer online. This including avoiding spammy sites, malware or spyware. Such apps are installed on the devices and computers when you access unauthorized software or content. The files added can infect the whole system and weaken the security.

5. Monitor Devices and Records

Hospital administration should monitor the medical records. A team of employees should be deployed only for monitoring purpose. They will keep a check on the system security, perform tests and fix the possible issues before anyone exploits them.

6. Use Encryption for Hardware


Important data should be copied in drives. All such devices need to be encrypted and saved. No one should have access to the data that is not relevant to them. You can use free or paid tools for encryption in order to protect the records.

7. Gives Access to Relevant People

Sometimes, security breaches occur due to internal sources. Many staff members exploit their powers. They want revenge from a staff member so they weaken the system security. That is why only relevant people should have access to important files and security systems.

8. Hire a Cybersecurity Analyst

If you are worried about the security issues and want no blunder, you can hire the best security analyst. The person hired will be responsible for improving system security, data protection, guiding the staff members and taking concrete steps to avoid any possible breaches.

9. Protect Computers and Devices


Every employee must be advised to follow the best security measures for their devices, like computers should have strong passwords, hospital system installed on the device should be protected with locks, and there is reliable antivirus that protects you when you are using tools like free online DICOM viewer and more. Staff should be held accountable for whatever mistakes they make.

10. Raise Awareness Among Employees

Regular training sessions for awareness about data security should be a part of every hospital’s programs. This will impart great service by raising awareness among the employees. They will stay updated and take care of the data. Staff will know they can be punished if they somehow compromise system security.

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