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How to Rock a Patagonia Fleece Jacket?

by Jaleel Rowe
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The women’s Patagonia fleece sale of the year is on and going in full swing. Have you got your hands on any of the discount luxe items that are on display in the women’s Patagonia fleece sale? Fleece is a vintage, classic and luxury fabric that can seriously just never go out of the fashion trend. Anyone who thinks fleece is not worth it surely needs to get their fashion books corrected. Fleece is the best winter material for both men and women to rock in the winter season. We have some great and stylish ideas to pair fleece jacket looks for men and women this season.

Fleece Jacket Pairing Ideas for Women

Fleece is chic and oh-so-sexy! Women can rock so many fleece jacket looks this winter season and look the Vogue fashion cover ready every time they step out of the house. Here are some supremely stylish ideas for fleece jacket pairings for all the ladies out there.

  1. Fleece Wind-Blocker Jackets with Long Skirts

The fleece wind-clocker jackets with long skirts are one thing that will keep you winter ready and most particularly the holiday season ready. The skirt will keep the femininity alive whilst the sleeveless jacket will add spark to the look.

  1. Fleece Turtlenecks with Skin-Fit Jeans

Turtlenecks shout sexy from the rooftop. When it comes to fleece turtleneck sweaters, women can pair it with a pair of jeans that fits well.

  1. Fleece Hoodies with Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are the new trend this season and of course, fleece hoodies is one great combination to make with the bell bottom trousers this season. The fleece hoodies are super comfy and warm. This look is a great way to feel comfortable all day whilst looking super chic at the same time.

Fleece Jacket Pairing Ideas for Men

Of course, the men do not need to feel left out. Men are most particularly concerned about their fashion looks and with the passage of time, men have become more aware of fashion and ongoing trends. So for all the concerned and worried men out there – here is some fleece jacket pairing ideas to make your look subtle and super-hot!

  1. Fleece Jackets with Dress Pants

Fleece jackets never fail to please. The jackets can be worn with dress pants and it is a perfect winter office look ready!

  1. Fleece Uppers with Track Pants

If you want to keep things as cozy and warm as you can in the cold – fleece uppers with baggy sleeves and lose track pants is the look you need to trust.

  1. Fleece Hoodies with Jeans

A good pair of jeans has never let the men down. This is why the fleece hoodies with a pair of black or blue jeans is a look that can never be disappointing. It is perfect for a casual day out with the family or maybe if you want to grab quick lunch with a friend.

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