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Interesting SEO Related Statistics That Will Amaze You

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SEO is something you must surely have heard of in the recent times as it has become very increasingly popular in the past few years. However, being heard of is one thing but it is not necessarily the most understood element of the internet. The role that it plays in online web marketing and advertising is imperative. There are several best SEO companies Long Island that are working to promote SEO on a global scale and have managed to do so too, to a greater extent. In this article, we talk about some of the most interesting SEO relevant stats that are definitely going to amaze you a great deal.

Captivating SEO Stats You Ought To Know!

According to a survey conducted amongst the many best SEO companies Long Island, the following are some of the most captivating and interesting stats that were revealed about SEO. These stats have recently surfaced and are constantly evolving too. The stats that are mentioned below are however based on only the very recent surveys that have been conducted.

  1. Surge In Revenue And Traffic

The fact that SEO boosts the engaged traffic audience is no secret. But little is known that SEO on its own has managed to create now 100% or 200% but an amazing 2000% increase in the engage blog traffic audience. Moreover, it has also contributed to expanding the overall we revenues by 40% as well.

  1. First Page Results

SEO helps to create better ranking for your published content on search engines like Google and Bing. It has been concluded after extensive research that around 80 to 86 percent of the regular web visitors do not go to the second page of the web results. The only results they trust are the ones they see on the first page and SEO is the key that makes you sit on the top of search engines.

  1. Web Searching Is The No. 1 Activity

According to a recent survey, the number 1 web activity for users is to engage in web searching. So practically all that most people are doing day and night is searching up things on Google. What makes content searchable and accessible on search engines? SEO!

  1. Brands Are Affected By SEO

Businesses have become web-based a great deal these days. So brands are basically deeply involved with the internet to generate maximum engaged consumers as well as make maximum profits. Brands are affected by SEO – in a good way of course. Stats reveal that the sales of web-based businesses have increased by 70% all because of SEO optimized content published on their sites.

  1. Search Beats Social Media

Whilst we all believe that social media is the ‘it’ thing in today’s day and time – think again. Search has beaten social media by far means as it is declared that searching content on the web is 220 times more popular than social media.

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