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Pros and Cons of Installing Artificial Grass

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Every house could use a lawn because not only are they pleasing to the eye but they are also refreshing and a great space to unwind in. However, lawns can take up a lot of time, effort and money. The best alternative to fulfilling your needs for a lawn is artificial grass installation. The synthetic grass was initially introduced for sporting arenas and stadiums because natural grass maintenance was costly and labor intensive. Now, installing artificial grass is a common thing in many homes.

Before you decide to give your lawn a makeover and go ahead with installing artificial grass, take a look at some of the pros and cons of artificial grass.


  1. Synthetic grass requires little maintenance i.e. no watering, mowing, etc.
  2. No mowing and watering mean less money spent on water costs and lawn mowers.
  3. You will not be requiring weed killers or expensive fertilizers for growth and weed extermination.
  4. Since you will not be requiring any chemicals to grow the grass or protect it with the help of chemicals, you will not be making an active contribution to environmental pollution on a day to day basis.
  5. No more hours will be spent slaving over weed removal.
  6. Synthetic grass is durable and long-lasting. Installing artificial grass means no more money or effort will be spent on the replantation or maintenance that natural grass needs.
  7. Artificial grass comes with an excellent drainage system that allows the grass to dry quickly in the events following rain or any water use.
  8. A good drainage system also means no more puddles of water collecting for days and leaving behind muddy patches to accidentally step into.
  9. Unlike natural grass, playing aggressive sports will not risk any damage to the synthetic grass.
  10. No more worrying about having a disheveled lawn because artificial grass installation ensures that your lawn looks freshly mowed and trimmed all the time.


  1. The cost of installing artificial grass is very high. Financially the installation process can be quite big of a concern.
  2. Artificial grass is often lined by a layer of rubber cushion below its surface. This cushion is meant to mimic the softness and bounce of natural grass and soil. Whilst it may be a good idea, the cushion may require occasional refilling that will cost you additionally.
  3. Artificial grass can get quite hot during the warm summer months.
  4. Many concerns have been raised regarding the chemicals being used in the manufacturing of synthetic grass and their adverse effect on the health of an individual. Manufacturers claim the products meet the standard of health and safety but there is nothing concrete to base a conclusion on.
  5. Despite all its pros, synthetic grass is not natural grass. There is no feeling of wet earth, no scent of freshly mowed grass or anything for that matter.

Weigh out the pros and cons of artificial grass installation before taking the plunge.

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