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Keep Your Beloved Full Zip Looking Fresh Forever: My Tried & True Care Guide

by Mark
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Investing in a quality men’s full zip fleece jacket is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

My beloved black North Face fleece has kept me warm through countless bonfires, mountain hikes, and more for over 10 years now. 

But that’s only thanks to learning how to properly care for fleece. With some basic guidelines, you can keep your jacket looking fresh and cozy forever.

In this article, I’ll draw from my decade of experience to walk you through my best tips on washing, drying, storing, removing stains, and more. 

I’ve picked up plenty of fleece care wisdom over the years – like why you should never use fabric softener! Let’s dive in so I can help you get the longest-loving life out of your fleece zip.

My Top Fleece Washing Secrets

I’ll never forget the first time I tossed my beloved fleece in the wash on hot without thinking. 

I pulled it out to discover it covered in tiny pills and nearly shrunken down to child size! After some trial and error, I’ve honed an easy washing method that keeps it looking brand new.

Wash Cold + Gentle Is the Key

The number one rule I follow religiously now is to wash fleece only in cold water on the gentle/delicate cycle. Harsh detergents and hot washes destroy fleece fibers quickly. 

I just use a few squirts of mild high-efficiency detergent and I’m good to go. My jacket comes out clean sans any wear and tear.

For freshening up between deep cleans, a cold rinse cycle works great. Just zip up and let the water run over the jacket – avoid needless agitation.

Skip the Fabric Softener!

This was another early mistake that made my fleece pill up fast. The waxy coating fabric softeners leave behind messes with fleece’s ability to properly insulate. So I always skip the softener now, however snuggly the marketing promises it’ll make my jacket feel!

Safest Ways to Dry Fleece

Just like washing methods, high heat is the enemy when drying fleece. I always air dry mine flat whenever possible to protect the fibers. 

But when I’m impatient, I’ll use the low heat delicate dryer setting and throw a clean tennis ball in – helps redistribute and fluff!

I immediately remove it when fully dry so it doesn’t get damaged by over-drying. Then I give it a quick Shake N’ Fluff when it’s warm out of the dryer so it regains that cloud-like just-purchased loft instantly.

Follow my lead on these gentle wash and dry methods, and I promise your beloved zip will still feel heavenly soft for years.

men's full zip fleece jacket

Keeping Your Fleece Fabulous Between Wears

Improper storage is another thing that can degrade your fleece’s quality prematurely. Here are my storage tips:

Rather than stuffing it compressed, I lightly fold mine or hang it between wears. This maintains that critical insulation ability!

I also make sure it’s fully dry and clean – moisture and stains will set in otherwise.

And I keep it in a breathable closet space, never crammed tight into a bin under the bed or anything extreme.

Do all this, and keeping your fleece feeling fresh and cozy for the long run is a total breeze!So there you have it – my complete care guide so your men’s full zip fleece jacket stays your trusty companion for many winters to come.With a little TLC, I’m convinced anyone’s fleece has the longevity potential to one day end up a decade-old staple wardrobe piece like mine.

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