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Book Those Movers: How Early You Should Reserve Local Moving Help

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Wondering when is the best time to hire movers for your upcoming relocation? Read our tips on reserving local movers early for stress-free packing and moving days.

Moving to a new home can be extremely stressful, especially if you wait until the last minute to book local moving services near me

As an expert on local moving services, I always advise clients to reserve their movers 4-8 weeks before their target move date.

Why book early? Hiring movers takes research and planning. Leaving it to the week before your move means limited availability, rushed decisions, and paying premium rates. 

Read on for my complete guide on how early to book movers based on move type, location, and more.

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Reserve Movers 1-2 Months In Advance For Best Results

For local and statewide moves, aim to reserve movers 4-8 weeks out from your move date for best availability and prices.

I generally recommend booking movers about 1-2 months before your target move date. This gives you time to:

  • Research multiple local moving company options instead of choosing the first available mover
  • Compare estimates and service offerings to find the best value
  • Schedule your preferred move date before peak seasons when availability is limited
  • Avoid last-minute “rush” fees that can increase costs by 25% or more

Booking professional movers 4-8 weeks out is ideal for securing your perfect moving crew. This also gives the movers time to plan staffing and logistics.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your movers are reserved and ready to safely transport your household goods right on schedule.

Give More Lead Time For Large Interstate Moves

For interstate (long-distance) relocations, consider reserving movers 8-12 weeks beforehand or more when possible.

Interstate moves with movers driving your items hundreds of miles generally require more planning and coordination.

local moving services near me

I recommend reserving interstate movers 2-3 months beforehand, or even earlier depending on factors like:

  • Overall distance
  • Number of household goods being moved
  • Whether your items need custom crating or rigging
  • If you have large items like vehicles or pianos to transport
  • Whether your move dates coincide with the peak summer moving season

The more complex the move, the earlier you’ll want to review estimates and lock in reputable interstate movers with proven experience.

This extra lead time (12+ weeks) ensures availability for top long-distance movers and allows them to prepare equipment/staffing to handle sizable interstate relocations.

Last Minute Moves: Options For Booking Movers Within 1 Month

While not ideal, you can still find local movers within 4 weeks or less of your move in a pinch.

Life happens! If an unforeseen job change or other circumstance leaves you needing to relocate ASAP, you still have options for securing reliable local {keyword} with shorter notice.

Here are a few tips for booking reputable, professional movers even if you have less than 4 weeks until moving day:

  • Be flexible with move dates – Movers have more availability on weekdays or non-peak times.
  • Consider small local movers – They may have better short-notice availability than huge companies.
  • Know you may pay a premium – Last-minute movers often charge higher rates.
  • Get quotes immediately – Reach out to multiple movers right away and book when possible. Availability can change quickly!

The sooner you request estimates and reserve your movers, the better – even just giving 2 weeks’ notice is better than trying to book a few days before your move date.

Reputable moving companies can often still accommodate 1-4 week bookings to help make your hurried relocation less stressful!

I hope these insider tips help you determine the ideal time to reserve local movers before your upcoming relocation! Let me know if you have any other moving-related questions.

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