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What to Know About Online Shopping and E-Commerce

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What’s a number like? Really, it’s a lot. That’s why we’re going to learn about the top five e-commerce statistics we need to hear for all dropshippers today. There is the stuff that will help you get a better grip on your business, along with making you see where you can be, precisely.

A basis for your dropshipping store will give in the online shopping statistics below. It’s very similar to dropshipping through amazon process. I’ve built a baseline for measurements over the years. And I will send you five of them in this blog.

That really should support you and let you see where your organization is at. Before you look for “best dropshipping website builder,” continue reading to know more about this issue.

50% Funnel Conversion Rates Drop on Each Step

The first of these statistics on e-commerce issues conversion rates in your revenue funnels. It’s important to understand that the funnel conversion rate for your store will drop by 50 percent on average at each stage.

Bear in mind that these estimates would all be averages, and there are variations, of course. I’m not worried about ClickFunnels right now, but I’m afraid about Shopify. So, if you’re still running Shopify, you’ll see what your conversion funnel looks like on your dashboard.

Good Return with Drop Ship Lifestyle Model

The online shopping figures are unique to the business model of Drop Ship Lifestyle that I use plus that I teach. It’s 10x for what I call a blended ROAS (return on ad spend), all right? Blended, which means a blend of all.

This is a question we get all the time on how much do I pay on Google Ads? It often varies with the response. For starters, let’s assume you’re using Google Ads, which you are if you’re part of Drop Ship Lifestyle, and you spend $100 on advertisements.

5% or More Targeted Traffic from Your Alpha Campaign

When dropshipping is primarily for the Drop Ship Lifestyle model, the third e-commerce metric you need to remember targeted traffic should transform at 2.5 percent or higher. Today, I’m dreaming about an alpha campaign as I talk about targeted traffic.

Alpha and beta promotions are also both taught in the Drop Ship Lifestyle-included Google Advertising for e-commerce course. Let’s say the alpha campaign sends out 100 clicks. That means 100 users on Google are clicking on your product ad.

Double Your Conversion Rate with Urgency, Scarcity, And Bonus Offers

The final statistic you need to remember about online shopping is that urgency, scarcity, and incentive opportunities can practically double your conversion rate by 2x.

If you’re looking to start enforcing this, this one would probably be a little hard for people to monitor. You’re probably still using some of these on your website if you’re part of the Drop Ship Lifestyle.

If you don’t, even if you do not get the results you thought you should get, there are three locations that you can quickly, easily, easily earn extra cash from your shop.

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