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How to Choose Truck Bumpers?

by Jaleel Rowe
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When it comes to buying aftermarket truck bumpers, you have to consider a number of factors. Some of the important points are mentioned below for users’ guidance.

Types of Off-Road Bumpers

Following are the types of off-road bumpers used in the trucks nowadays.

1. Heavy Duty

These are the massive and strongly built bumpers for trucks. They provide protection to the trucks and can bear massive weight. Most of the heavy trucks have this type of bumpers. They are also helpful for pushing other vehicles. 

2. Modular

These are specialized types of bumpers which can be customized according to the truck shape and needs of the drivers. For many drivers, this bumper is an ideal choice because it offers protection needed. 

3. Pre-Runner

The pre-runner bumpers are stylish and they have a tube along the width of the vehicle. They also provide safety to the trucks.

4. Tubular

They are basically like the pre-runner bumpers but contain more rods or pipes that offer extra protection in case of accidents.

5. Stinger

The stringer bumper is a bit different than other bumpers. They have an edge forward which prevents other vehicles hitting the trucks. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Truck Bumpers

1. Purpose and Built Quality

For choosing the best and the right aftermarket truck bumpers, you have to take care of the purpose for which the bumper is built. You should be clear about why you want to install a bumper on your truck front. This will help you choose the best protective bumper. 

2. Higher Strength

As we have talked about the various types of bumpers, it is important for the drivers to know the bumper quality as well as strength. If you are concerned about protection, you should select bumpers that provide great protection and prevent damage to trucks. 

3. Better Clearance 

Clearance is an important point which cannot be ignored while choosing the bumpers. The size and the design of the truck bumper should provide maximum clearance when you are driving. It should not obstruct visibility. The height should be kept to a level where visibility is a problem for the drivers. 

4. Pushing Other Vehicles

Many times, the truck drivers have also to push other vehicles and trucks. In such cases, the bumpers are used. For pushing other vehicles, the bumper should be strong enough to bear the pressure and stress. Weak bumpers will get damaged easily and you will have to repair them. 

5. Lights Installation on Bumpers

Here is another factor which the drivers cannot ignore while choosing the bumpers. The bumpers serve a number of important purposes and using lights on them is one of these. So you have to decide if you will install lights or not before you buy the bumper and finalize it. 


Various types of aftermarket truck bumpers are available. For example, heavy duty, modular, stringer, pre-runner and others. When it comes to choosing the truck bumper, you should consider the purpose-built, quality, strength and the protection it will provide to your truck.

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