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What Is DICOM and What Are Its Advantages

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What is DICOM?

DICOM stands for digital imaging and communications in medicine. It is standard that defines how the medical images will be stored, exchanged and transmitted. Most of the medical imaging devices like X-Ray, ultrasound and others use this standard for the images. The very first DICOM was developed in 1985 and now it has been improved over the years.

When it comes to data format, DICOM stores data in different forms. It can keep pixel data as well as data sets in form of attributes. For example, in a CT Scan report, the file contains images as well as data attributes which show the patient name and other details. Both of the data formats should be kept together.

For the understanding of user about ‘what is DICOM, they can consider it as the digital service which contains images in a format just like jpg. These images can be stored, shared and transmitted with anyone but in the digital formats. In healthcare sector, various other options were used but now the medical imaging is done digitally. It has a good number of benefits which are discussed below.

Why Use DICOM?


Now that we know what DICOM is, let’s move to its advantages.

1. Standard Method

Nowadays, DICOM is the standard format for medical images. You can get the images anywhere in this format. It helps you have medical images in a particular format which makes it easy to share and interpret the details.

2. Integration of Medical Imaging

It will not be possible for the healthcare officials to share and transfer data without a standard format. This issue is resolved by DICOM viewer PC solution which makes the integration of medical images easy. Healthcare professionals feel a lot more comfortable now.

3. Easy Access to Medical Images

Granting and getting access to the medical images has become quite easier with this digital imaging solution. Anyone in the health sector can share and receive medical images with the attributes. Images can be shared with other hospitals.

4. Convenient in Sharing

DICOM spares the healthcare sector for documents and paper work. There was a time when the data was stored in paper format. But now digital images are stored in the hospital systems which can be shared with easy. Physicians can access the data anywhere.

5. Better Communication with Physicians


Communication has improved due to DICOM facility. Doctors and physicians can get detailed reports and medical images. It has also helped to ensure accurate diagnosis for various diseases which had become impossible to diagnose and treat in the past.

6. Accurate Diagnosis

This is one of the best thing that has ever happened to the patients due to DICOM. Physicians are in a position to diagnose diseases in better ways. The accurate diagnosis has helped in accurate treatment for the patients. Many unknown diseases are being treated.

7. Fast and Convenient

The whole process with DICOM is quite convenient and ultrafast. It is about seconds, not minutes. You can get the medical images within seconds along with the reports. They are shared with doctors who direct the treatment accordingly.

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