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DIY Auto Body Parts Replacement: Car’s Clutch

by Jaleel Rowe
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You can replace many auto parts yourself. This not only will save you money but also is a fun pass time. Here you will find steps to replace your car’s clutch. This isn’t a complicated thing as you will see, if you are not afraid of getting dirty a little then you will be able to change your car’s clutch in no time. The steps are as follows:

Securing Your Car

Use a vehicle Jack to lift your car’s front-end in a secure location. Make sure you put the jack under the oil pan for the best results.

Transaxle Removal

You first need to remove the clutch cable and the positive charge cable of the battery, then you will see the transaxle. You need to remove this auto part first to get access to the clutch.

Engine Mount Removal

After detaching the positive charge cable and clutch cable you need to unbolt the engine mount. That is your way to the clutch. Take out the bolts around the flywheel bell housing before working your way towards the transaxle. This will reveal the pressure plate. Push the transaxle sideways from the engine. Don’t worry if it doesn’t move the first time, this just means you need to exert a little bit more pressure.

Clutch Removal and Flywheel Repair

You need to unscrew the pressure plate and then bring the clutch disc out so that you have access to the damaged clutch for removal. When you are removing the clutch out you should also check the flywheel. Make sure that there is no deterioration. If there are any hotspots on the flywheel, then you need to replace the flywheel. Remember to clean out the crankshaft flange of all the dirt and debris. Before installing the flywheel, you should lubricate it appropriately.

Changing The Clutch

Once you have fixed the flywheel you need to slide the new clutch disc in, that’s all. After that its the transaxle’s turn.

Transaxle Re-installation

To reinstall the transaxle just adjust it with the clutch disc on the spindled hole. Keep moving the transaxle forward till the input shaft slides in the spindled hole of the clutch. You can change the bolts or re-use the old ones but make sure you tighten them.

Lower Your Vehicle and Drive Around

You need to lightly release your car gently level it on the ground. After that take it out for a slow spin around the block to see if the clutch is handling perfectly or not.

Getting The Parts

While you can go to your dealer or local garage for the auto parts, I find it much cheaper to order online. There are plenty of fantastic sellers of auto body parts online. These shops, I found are pretty focused on improving the customer experience along with providing ease of use.

Search for the best online sellers, I prefer to use PartsCargo because of their vast collection and amazing service and there are plenty others out there. Find out which seller suits you and always remember to check for perks like exclusive discounts and free shipping. Well, after you find your perfect auto parts store online you can start with your DIY Clutch Replacement.

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