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What Are ABS Wheel Speed Sensors?

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The Antilock Braking System or ABS is an active safety mechanism that is installed in cars. This is commonly known as the anti-skid braking system. Whenever you have suddenly applied brakes in an emergency, this system jumps into action. This system has become an industry standard that most if not all vehicle manufacturer complies with.

Why Your Car Has an ABS System

Whenever you apply the brakes suddenly there is a chance that your wheels are gonna be locked. This phenomenon is known as wheel-lock. When there is a wheel lock the wheels are locked obviously, meaning that they don’t turn while you are on the road. This means that your car will skid on the road. Often times this can mean your car veers off-road. In many cases, the car gets into an accident which can turn fatal. To avoid this situation, the ABS system has been adopted by manufacturers.

What Are The Components Of ABS

The ABS system has a few components. They are ABS wheel speed sensor, ABS control module, ABS Brake control system, valves, and pump. Wheel Speed sensors are there to monitor the speed of each individual wheel of your car. This means it has detailed data to see if all the speeds of the wheels are comparable or not.

When it will see that there is a drastic change in speeds between the wheels the system understands that the wheels are going to get locked. At this situation when the speeds are different the wheels often times stop responding to your steering. This greatly hampers the stability of your car and as you know can be fatal. This is where the ABS kicks in. The system goes into action to provide you with safety from the car skidding away.

How Does The ABS Braking System Work?

The ABS System basically works on data being gathered from the sensors. When the system receives the signals of varying low speeds, the ABS control module sends signals to lower the braking force of the car on the particular side.

This lower brake force is achieved by lessening the hydraulic pressure line the particular wheel. Lowering of the hydraulic pressure happens because of the valves the ABS system uses. The braking force is automatically lowered when the pressure is lowered.

This means the Wheel rotates at a higher rate avoiding the wheel-lock that may have occurred. Since the wheels aren’t locked, the car responds to your steering, this maneuverability means that you can veer away from cars or avoid going off-road from skidding. Basically, the ABS system makes sure you are in control of your car all the time. After the situation is normal the ABS system restores the hydraulic pressure to normal with pumps.

Basic ABS Knowledge Attained

So this is how the ABS Wheel Speed Sensor helps your car.and why you should always keep an eye on it. The system employs technology to understand the dangers that might be forthcoming and help you avoid it. This alone makes it an amazing addition to your car and one that you should always pay attention to.

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