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6 Tips On Caring for Six-Month-Old Babies

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Caring for a six-month-old is beautiful, loving and yet challenging. Let’s get to some tips to make it easy.

  1. Feeding

At Six months, your baby is ready to replace the bottle with a sippy cup. This is the time when you can start giving your baby formulas like German baby formula, in a cup. Leaving your baby with a bottle can get you a bad case of tooth deterioration.  It will not be easy, but then again, nothing is easy with babies. Patience becomes your best friend when you have a baby.

Breastfeeding should continue until one year at the very least. So, even when you want to feed your baby cereal make it with breast milk or formula milk. Make your baby sit up and feed him with a spoon to make him learn proper eating habits. This is the milestone where you start your baby on foods other than cereal. Fruits and vegetable purees are easier to digest for the babies.

  1. Brain and Body Development

Six months is a milestone because a lot is happening at once. The baby is starting to roll over and sit up. He is getting more responsive too. Squealing, laughing and crying out loud. He is getting expressive as well, laughing at people he likes and getting afraid of those he sees for the first time. Keep an eye on all of this and consult your Dr. if anything is amiss. Be vigilant to your baby’s needs and have patience as well, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Trust people with experience and take their advice too.

  1. Nap Time

A six-month-old baby is hard to put to bed. He’d want to play more and more. Making bedtime fun can help your baby get into the crib. Read to him, sing him lullabies and stay with him till he dozes off. Bedtime routine is good for trust building and bonding with your baby. Give himhttps://thebestfromjapan.com/hipp-hypoallergenic-stage-1-combiotic-milk-formula-500g-german-0 a bath, lay him in bed and play a game or read. Try to be calm and collected at bedtimes. Don’t rush it or act irritable. Your crankiness can rub off on the baby. Try avoiding bottle at bedtime for the reasons explained above, give him breast milk or formula milk like German baby formula or HiPP hypoallergenic formula in a cup to start a habit.

  1. Developing Good Habits

This is the time to start working on your baby’s reading and learning habit. Make him interested in books by being interested yourself. Get big sized books, with colors and illustrations, babies are attracted to color. Babies do as they see, let him see your good habits and he will surely mimic.

  1. Teething

Six months till two years is the time of sprouting tooth. You baby will get agitated by all the itching in his teeth. Ask your Dr. for medicine to soothe the itching. Get him teethers, breadsticks and such so he can scratch without hurting his gums. Drooling is very common around teething, but it gets messy, make sure you always have a napkin handy or a bib around your baby’s neck.

  1. Safety Check

A six-month-old baby is very active and there are tons of things that may look innocent but can harm your baby given the chance. For example:

  • Cords and Ropes can choke a baby, so no toys that have enough length.
  • Babies like to chew, so no hard objects within reach.
  • No hard foods as well as candies, nuts and such.

Having a baby isn’t an easy job, but all the work is worth the trouble!

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