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Can Lack of Sleep Cause Acne? Why Does It Happen?

by Jaleel Rowe
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“Beauty sleep” is not a myth at all. But it would be best if you had enough sleep besides having best foods for your skin. Otherwise, the next morning your face and skin look dull and tired. So, sleep impacts the skin and health as well.

You need to sleep at night because you never want to look ugly. If you do not sleep enough, then it can impact the skin badly. Let’s know what happens if you do not sleep enough and can lack of sleep cause acne?


If you do not sleep enough, it can cause stress in your body. Also, it may cause of cortisol. It means an imbalance of hormones. This can create inflammation; produce sebum to the skin, unusual oil, breakouts, and clogged pores.

When you sleep, naturally decrease the body cortisol level. But if you do not sleep enough, it will impact the skin and health, such as breakouts, dull skin, and many more.


When you sleep, the body boosts the blood flow. This gives the skin a fresh look after you awake. It would be best if you gave time to all this. If you do not do this, the skin gets lifeless and dull. Also, you look tired.

Under Eyes Bag and Dark Circle

If you do not sleep well, the skin becomes rough. It can damage the tissue and blood circulation as well. Enough sleep reduces many more problems. When you do not sleep enough, it creates a dark circle under the eye.

For this, your face looks ugly, and it seems like you are an over-age person. Less sleep is the reason for acne also. Until you start sleeping well, acne will remain in the face.

But once you start sleeping well, your face becomes fresh, and acne starts to reduce automatically. Additionally, if you sleep enough, then the dark circle will become invisible.


Though, if you do not sleep properly, the moisture of the skin reduces. For that, the skin becomes rough and dry. Also, it creates a rash on the skin and acne.

Plus, hair fall is the reason for less sleep. Well, sleep balances the hydration of the skin. So, sleep well to avoid all the problems. Moreover, sleep is the primary key to beauty.

Ensuring Enough Sleep

However, sleep is essential for health and skin. Without sleeping well, your skin and health become unwell. This is the reason for the maximum skin problem.

So, if you want a beautiful face and good health, maintain the sleeping routine. Without it, you can’t get rid of such issues.

Make Schedule

Furthermore, you need to maintain a routine for getting fair skin and health. So, make a plan for all things and keep the practice. If you try this for a few days, you will see the difference. For getting natural fair skin, sleep enough.

Set Alarm

If you think that you can’t remember the routine, then set the alarm. It will remind you of the time and process.

Nap Mindfully

Take a nap for 15 min a day. Also, do not take a rest for more time.

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